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08 October 2009 @ 02:07 am

2 Days Ago..i had a creepy dream and i saw 3 coffins waiting for me, and some people in my team (whom i don't know them..). In the dream,we're suppose to crack open these coffins,dug out the remains and transfer it to the other places..There were all togther 3 teams,

Team A cracked open first,and cheered..then i saw a lady (corpse) laying there..motionless..
I'm in Team B and we came in second..but what i saw was skeleton..
Team C was slow,so in the dream,i initiate my team members to go give them a hand..and i saw pieces of distorted bones...and i remembered i held up one rectangular piece and said:

"this must be the rib cage.."

Next,the scenario switched to my house and everyone was upset..from here,i don't wish to mention anymore.
I woke up,rubbed my eyes and was so damm afraid that this dream would come true or what...so immediately,i thought of bebe..
She once said before,if you dream about people dying,you better tell someone all the contents of the dream,SO THAT IT WOULD NOT COME TRUE.But normally if you dream about somebody being dead,it meant that that person going to live very long and in turn,it is you yourself will have some troubles in life.

So i did.....i tear while telling bebe..i would not allow such thing to happen.i rather myself to die,to suffer bad life or to have bad occurence in life,rather than the stupid dream..T.T
Arcgh!!!!Darn the damm dream!!!!!!=(

Perhaps it's because..recently i've heard lots of death with people around me,people started losing the ones they love..
I'm not ready..I think i would go mad..
Thinking back,when i lost my great-grandmother,i was damm sad.The reason why she lost her life was due to repeated fallings in PRIVATE NURSING HOME..and with these injuries corked up in an old body,she finally gave away and went back above.

I remembered rushing into a normal C-ward in Tan Tock Seng hospital..
Standing there motionless and crying was my mother..As soon as the curtain was drawn,i saw my ah chor,lying there..not moving..her mouth were wide open and they said that..she still has things left unsaid.

Back then when i'm smaller,i lost my grandfather.
For him,he was in a very pathetic situation..he went to North Bridge Road to get his wife (my ahma) some good,black cooking woks. As he climbed up the overhead bridge,his heart punctured and he suffer cardiac arrest.
Immediately,he fainted..after several hours,nobody even care to help this old man up,pershaps they were thinking he's some kind of beggar,taking a short nap on the bridge.

Alright,i don't wish to say so much emotional things,recent issue has causes me to put my thoughts down,and thinking whether am i cherishing them every minute,or taking everything for granted..whining and yelling at the slightest things that they did,that is not to my expectations?sometimes,i think we should take a step back and look at them clearly =) they were kids like us too,mischievious and playful like us,adorable and good looking like us.but i'm sure in their generations,they still do know what is fillial piety and the role of being son/daughter,am i right?

We ought to cherish them.No matter how much they've hurt you,do things that you are unhappy about,they still are your parents,your brothers and sisters.They have played a vital role in part of us growing up.Don't wait till you lost someone..then you think back,that you didn't even tell them how much you've love them,how much you've been proud of them..

Other than that,this is not bad-mouthing those PRIVATE organisations or what.It's just my personal opinions.I don't meant all,but the ones i've heard or came across,are nothing but some bad ass organisations. I mean,if anything happens,never trust in private organisations or places,bacause you never know that back in their mind, they did everything for money.money money money,it's all they can think of.

You have money, they gave you the best service and make sure you trusted them when you were there. Once you went home and you left your poor elderly wth that money-minded infested parasites,you would never know what they do to your elderlys at night or the days you were unable to visit them.

To be short and precise,they only recognise money,not love,nor care.
So i think trust the government sector organisations would be a wiser choice. For what you may know, those nurses and doctors are normal human being,working for money of course,but they've been through alot and at the back of their mind,they wanted to save lives to earn the well-deserved smiles of the patients and families,definitely not just money =)

Naaa~~pretending i'm bull shit here if you may LOL!these are just my random thoughts!
Gonna sleep if i still can't get into facebook to see my farm!!!!!!>.<

My family wouldn't come here,so i just wanna tell them, i love you guys,
I love you Dad
I love you Mum
I love you Elder Sis
and i love you Sis.
I love you zhining.
I love my close friends.
and i love 2 of my poly close friends.
I still need you guys to guide me in my life and instill moral values into my bad ass temper and heart ok?T.T God bless you all!<3

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04 October 2009 @ 02:40 am

LMAO!this video damm funny can!!^O^
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03 October 2009 @ 04:17 am
Went to get lots of mooncake,pomelo (it's a tradition to give mooncake and pomelo togther =D ),and oatmeal for bebe's family!^O^ Thanks to my mum,she gave me lots of pointers in choosing the mooncakes and the best pomelo =p as for the oatmeal,i bought it to sort of "encourage" bebe's grandmother to drink,in order to control her cholestrol (is that how you spell that????).

Then i proceeded on to fetch bebe off from work!=D
Before that,i headed to the bank to apply for...........

The POSB DEBIT CARD!!!!^O^ i was so thrilled when i'm eligible for that and i feels that it's every man's most wanted to get a credit card thing?=p the staff there was nice and cool despite closing time!=D So why apply for a VISA card that cost you, when you can get a debit card with ATM functions as well for free!!=p

After bebe's knocked off,we went to a hainanese chicken rice restaurant and dine there.We ordered a total of about $16.40 and i tested the card with my funny signature!!!^O^
It was cool!!damm cool!lol,i know i'm just exaggerating but i kind of feel one step closer in accomplishing and gaining one of men's most wanted items!!next will be cars,bungalows,esplanade,flyers,family,alot alot money,cheque etc

Actually i've got my reasons for applying that debit card =D
Because i don't wish to depend on others,asking and bothering others for their credit card number and make them thinks i'm a nuisance =p
now i can:

-online shopping!
-book batam tours with Dan Mae Ben Erin!
-purchase my handphone!
-signature purchases through restaurants and shops locally and globally!

i got the money to do all those stated above!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Naaa~~i'm saving up though!^O^

By the way,bebe kept saying it's a Rabbit card =.='' blood level just went up whenever she giggles at me,when i mention D-E-B-I-T card!!!Arcgh!!!and she suggest i put it under the pillow and sleep with it tonight -..- maybe i would!

Alright!time to sleep when it's so late now!!=D

Don't wish to mention here because it's your issue,but you would know that i'm referring to you when you read this!^^V cheer up,smile and move on!Those that we loved, just went to some place which eventually we would go to!They just went to make it a better place, tidying up etc so that when it's our time,we have a cosy and comfort place to live in too!They took care of us once they were alive,i'm sure afterlife,they still continue on watching over us!=D smiles!!^^V
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30 September 2009 @ 10:38 am

I'm so mixed up now..

Early 5am+,
i dragged myself up from bed,and accompanied Bebe to East Coast Park with her attached company.

The people from the company asked me to join them,
but i rejected..
because they didn't bring their friends nor family along too,and their boss is coming later..
i gonna be so awkard if i were to join them,
and i'm gonna be label as "LOCKING UP MY GIRLFRIEND" boyfriend again if i tag alon beside her~~

As compared to my last relationship and last year,
i will be so furious and damm damm jealous at my girlfriend,if she were to attend this sort of outing (especially with a dozen of guys..)
but this time round,
i'm glad i handled it well,
i knew both of us must have mutual trust,and i trust in her devotion,that she would never betray my heart.

Till now,it's only a couple of guys that i will be FOREVER jealous and guard them,
because they did or said something that is known to be flirtatious.

I know i've grown to let my girlfriend have freedom and space to breathe..
but right now while lying down on bed,
my thoughts and imagination just kept....running wild.
my reply to her SMS were also short and sort of unhappy..

i'm so mixed up right now..
sometimes i feel,it's so hard to be an Asian..

Nevertheless,i still trust her,and i must learn to be a better boyfriend! (damm the label: LOCKING UP MY GF!!)
i'm not gonna think so much..just gonna catch some winks now and go to work later!!^O^
That's all from me.
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28 September 2009 @ 03:52 pm
It's my 19th birthday!!^O^

After her work, bebe wouldn't want to tell me where she will be bringing me to -.-''
Due to time constraint,we cabbed down to Jurong Point =D
I still didn't know where she will be bringing me to, then suddenly, she brought me to a HP shop and told me:

"Dardar,actually i have bought a LG crystal phone for you and today we come and collect it <3 "

My heart skipped and when she giggles immediately, i knew it was all a scam -.-''
If she really bought it, i would be very very angry at her for wasting money!!!!!

So,she brought me to the ICING ROOM (where couples and kids DIY their cakes at B1 there) =D

I let her have the first touch, basically because i'm very bad in designing these kind of stuff =p

You see me adding some red jelly on the top of the cake? =p
Actually i only did the below part of the cake,but bebe want me pose for photos! <3 (because i didn't want to spoil the top laa >.< )

After about half an hour, the cake was complete!! ^O^
Bebe was very sweet, she knew she doesn't have time to bake cake like last year, hence bringing me there to DIY the cake together!<3
Every year, she's the only one who bake me my birthday cake!=p

After that she went over to my house and celebrate with me <3 (she always wants her face to be smaller than mine, so now she HAS it!)

She insist on singing me a birthday song when the clock strikes 12am -.-''
and my family was in this together too =D

It's been a long time i ever had a traditional kind of cake-blowing, make a wish and birthday song kind of celebration by family and my love~
Thanks bebe!Love you and thank you!!!^O^
It's our 15TH anniversary! ((^n_n^))<3

I've decided to bake make her sushi!=p (thanks to Mae for lending me her name to fool bebe in passing me the recipe!=p)

So it's 2am and i've just began!
Her favourites are: Egg, Cucumber!
but i want her to be fat pig, so i've included hotdogs this time round!=p

I hate the smell of tuna...sardine...*VOMIT >.<
But she likes it too, so i twitched my nose and stop inhaling for several minutes, just to put the tuna sauce on top!

Ok the outcome of it -.-''
It wasn't as easy as i've thought ( or seen bebe teaching mae how to make -.- )
I had a hard time rolling it and it's quite ugly, as compared to ning ning de!!! T.T

Planned to keep some for bebe's family, my own family and of course, bebe herself =D
But!I've decided not to let others taste the disgusting sushi that i've made T.T

When it's 4am+, i washed up a little ( but was too tired to do the dishes)
and i doze on the sofa...ZzzzzZZZzzZ...

The next morning, we went to CITY SQUARE's New way and sang our hearts out!!=D
It's our first time singing together!! (just look at how excited she was when it's jay chou's song -.-'')

I saw tears in her eyes when she received my sushi! (that's the kind of reaction every guys wanted!)
and she had it for lunch and snack!=D
Oh yar, my rice lacks vinegar -.-'' so it taste just like plain rice wrapped with hotdog,cucumbers,carrot,tuna(mixed rice)

Not forgetting, she gave me lots of presents too!=D but i didn't take picture of it T.T

-BODY SHOP CREAM (some kind of cream to apply when it's getting cold in Japan)
-SHAWL (reminds me of korean drama,aneohaseyo!!)
-BIRTHDAY CARD (so sweet >.<)

Those are my birthday presents from bebe,she gave me these on anniversary:

-A PAIR OF SOCKS (lucky she never buy shoe for me!!>.<)

So apparently, you can see, she takes care of all my necessities when i'm going to Japan -.-'' LOL!
How sweet can this cutie be =p =p =p ( don't fly up to the moon when you see this part -.-'' )

My Dad gave me a $30 Angbao!=p
Both sisters and their hubby gave me a birthday card and doraemon card?bookmark?sticker?=p
MaeDae gave me a super girlish photo album! (but i appreciate their sincerity despite being so busy!)

Thanks to those who've wish me!^O^
and sorry to Jin,Aiwee,Kelly for not being able to meet up with you guys during my birthday T.T
If any of you see this, let's make up by going to the Midnight Kbox this friday or some days next week want??=p

hmm..this part is for YOU..
i knew you would have forget,
after all these 9years of friendship..
sometimes, to me, presents are not important,
it's the wish that you type through handphone, even if it's a short HAPPY BIRTHDAY, i would cherish it for life.
Nevertheless, i wouldn't forget your birthday this coming november!=D
I know i did my part, that's enough!^O^

Lastly,i've enjoyed myself greatly this birthday!!^O^  (I'm 1 more year nearer to the Da_ _ NATIONAL SERVICE!!T.T)
Thanks everyone!!!LOVE YOU!!^O^

I've made myself several goals,targets, changes in life etc etc in my heart, for once, i didn't list it out here or write it down on paper, because i knew once i've reveal it out, i would never be able to accomplish it and while my time away!hence it's better i kept it in heart and accomplish those things one by one, slowly!=p
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22 September 2009 @ 03:03 am
She went to an interior design company (that somehow look down on Landscape Architecture).

On her first day there,
she was so dazzling... =(
i mean i was happy, but i had to search 15mins all over my wardrobe,
and sort of dress up abit =X (so i don't look like a DUCKLING beside her)

We took a few shots over at the bench while i remind her to be confident, out spoken and be initiative.

So much that she can't bear to start working, and leaving no time for me, i can't bear too =(

LOL!i've noticed my ugly pimple and hot dog lips, hence i think covered up-it definitely looks better!!^O^

Two weeks have past...all i can do is send/fetch her to and from work =X
so everytime i passes by that overhead bridge, i stop for about 3-5mins,and this is the closest view, that i get to see her working seriously...T_T
i wish the damm ITP pass quickly, it's torturing everyone else in class 1.
God Bless all of you,including my bebe =(

It is through all these serious quarreling, i knew that i love you even more, my love for you is true and deep.
i seriously didn't mean to hurt you, i'm glad we managed to stay on and await 15th month anniversary!((^n_n^))<3 love you lots.
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18 September 2009 @ 03:08 pm

Hello livejournal,i'm back!^O^

Recently i've bought a pair of DKNY jeans(dunno real or fake though..) for just 6bucks!!=D
I was so happy about it and wear it almost everyday,
although it was second hand stuff =X

Anyways,i'm back to update after days of reading books,packing room and stuff =D
Let the photos below bring you to the days back =D

1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TOGETHER WITH MY BELOVED BEBE!! ((^n_n^))<3 (i've long for this day..)

We went to Bukit Indah Jusco and indulged in SUSHI KING ^O^

Obviously their rice are not STICKY enough, when i grabbed it up, the rice just fall apart =.='' but i've always loved Japanese green tea!i kept asking them to refill for me=p (till i'm so PS and took the flask myself,and self-service!!)

We always love to shop BIG SUPERMARKET with a push-cart, even though end up never buy anything, we felt sweet, as though we've married and thinking of what to buy and cook for tonight's dinner <3
Oh yah!When you go Malaysia, MUST GO ARCADE!!LOL!^^V

We chanced upon A & W and immediately, i urged bebe to go in and have our dinner there =X

HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY and more and more and more years to go!!^O^


-.-'' she was so enthusiastic about shaker fries, and wanted me to shake like her -.-'' (i kept wear the same due to financial problems in my life =X lol)

We went to watch ICE AGE 3D and don't we look cool in that eye-hurting-dirty-damm 3D spectacles??=p
then met up with Jerryl and Jeremy to catch National Day Preview (thanks to Kelly for the tickets!!)

The only goodie that i adore from the goodie bag.

Not forgetting about these two (:
If i'm not wrong, that's one of the few photos i've taken with Jerryl (:
But..everything changes now, i've matured and learn to let go of things, after learning SO MUCH in poly!lol.

Jeremy's photo-taking skill sucks -.-'' apparently,he chip off bebe's head @@#^&*$^& LOL!

Happy national day to Singapore and Happy 13th month anniversary with my beloved. <3


Ok!i know i look damm GAY~~
We brought clothes to HORTPARK and change to celebrate our 14th month anniversary!<3

We sat outside (timber decking area), but it rained just like last year -.-''
i suggest that they should start to consider sheltered the outside area so it won't always rain on our anniversary -.-''

She's cute,i'm not!! >.<
But thanks to the rain, we get to enjoy the ambience inside the KHA restaurant!<3

I secretly asked the chef to do some writings (using chocolate of course), just like i've did last year, same day <3 she was so happy but this time, i was so blur >.<

You see??i am so blur and i wrote in that paper HAPPY 2th YEAR!!
Bebe's caught my mistake and i kept apologised..T_T but she appreciates my effort =D
What i meant was...14th month...but i kept thinking it's our 2nd time 2nd time here..sorry bebe =(
Using the chocolate ice cream, i mimicked the chef and thanks them! =D
(Please do not compared the handwriting of mine, and the chef. -.- )

After which, we went to stroll HORTPARK at night, it was..quite spooooooky~
Poor bebe was frighten out of her wits by a mere series of spider webs!
So halfway through the park, we reversed back and disturbed some toads =D
They just kept Waaaa~wAAAa~~wAAAa~ =.=

Happy 14th months aniversary and more to come!!!((^n_n^))<3
---------------------------------------------------THE END--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Finally,i've managed to update every events that took place during that cursed project that taken its toll on me -.-''

For this vacation,i've made plans and i'm going on with it =D
but poor bebe have to go on attachment =( =( =(
i just miss her everyday =(

Meeting up with the Mr Toh, the teacher i respect and made a difference in my life at AMK later, and today is Kelly's birthday,one of my close friend's. We meeting up tommorow for picnic at Marina Barrage!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEL!!^O^ stay cheerful.

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04 September 2009 @ 03:13 am
Then again,i refer to diary here =)

It's 3:14am yet i am not sleeping yet..
i'm very worried about tomorrow...T_T
i can't say it here,i just have to say i'm damm damm damm worried..
But i know,everything's gonna be alright (: i hope..

I've just ended my chanting to my religion.
Humans just tends to turn to their religion or god, when they need help..
i'm no exception.
someone once told me, that if i believe in my god, in times of peril, he will help you.
if you don't, no matter how much you chant and pray for help, you wouldn't get any.
i know i'm sounding to religious here,
but i will learn from today onwards to believe in my religion and god,
by thanking them for giving me a good life (:

Right now, i only pray sincerely for tomorrow's safety...

Turning to bed soon, back to blogging once i've set my life right (e.g. packing room and arranging notebook files and stuff..)
waking up later at 5:45am!
goodnite diary!^O^
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08 August 2009 @ 02:47 pm
I will not neglect this blog as it is one of my "friend" whom i can confide in (:
But i'm gonna be away till the project ends on 21st August =(

After that, i will be blogging the expired pictures and outings with my loved ones <3

resuming my layout now~

Take care livejournal! ^O^
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29 July 2009 @ 11:48 pm

Today my gf accompany me to the school for my RWP and she went to continue her layout.
(sigh~) RWP is obstructing my time to do my layout and stuff, so i must get rid of such pointless chore first =X
then we headed to jurong point for a wonderful lunch =D
and we met an uncle that was so nice and passionate in showing me the route to buy 4D! HAHAHA.
i bought 0402 as i dreamt of it...and i bought a scratch card and it never strike -.-''

My gf's stubborness often kills me -.-'' as she insisted on sending me to work >_<
when i was dabao-ing my dinner,
we came across this table that was numbered 26..

When i was home,
2606, striked the first prize =(
if i were to invest $1 and remember the number, i could have win $2000 =( =(

But i was damm happy today as i finally got my pay!!!!^O^
anyways, i told my gf that i always believe in karma =D
mum told me her religion stuff that what goes around, comes around.
short and sweet,it's just karma.that's all.
the time is just not ripe yet =D


Will update soon on watch ndp with my gf,bro and jeremy, and other outdated happy outings =X
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